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The most advanced player tracking system in the world powered by deep learning technology.
Smart sensors in the insoles
Sensors are an excellent and economical way to monitor your players' performance. Track player data on the app, analyze it and improve your performances.

Marketing, Venue & Customer Experience

3D sports facilities that improve the experience of purchasing tickets and increase the purchase of tickets..
Virtual sporting events. Create a reason for fans to go to your club's website, provide an interactive experience in a virtual room where they can watch games together, cheer for the team and purchase your club's merchandising from their family and friends.
Creating interactive content campaigns has never been easier! Interactive content software that helps non-tech marketers communicate and capture leads.
Artificial intelligence software integrated into existing video surveillance cameras to automatically detect and report nonconformities on various indicators of safety, health and visitor experience.
FanWide allows clubs and leagues to get involved and understand their fans through online events and data analysis, and enabling monetization. We offer sponsors a great opportunity to create new relationships with supporters and to promote their brand.
Artificial Intelligence to reach your audience
Artificial intelligence software that, through propensity algorithms and machine learning, predicts the exact probability of a partner / adept taking a certain action, enabling the generation of targeted marketing campaigns and at the right time.
Augmented Reality
Augmented reality app that creates a new experience for fans of your club


Increase interaction with the viewer, creating a unique and exciting viewing experience. It allows generating revenue and increasing the engagement of live video or VOD.

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