Sports Tech Solutions And Sports Management Consulting

What we do?

We are passionate about sports development projects and delivering the latest technology solutions. Within Sports Tech Solutions, we select and represent the best international solutions mainly marketing and commercial departments, in order to increase fan engagement, generate other digital revenues and make sport more attractive.

Sports Tech Solutions

Digitalize your sports venue in 3D and increase ticket sales

3D sports facilities that improve the ticket buying experience and increase ticket purchases.

Generates revenue and monitors fans' activity

It's a "One Stop App" for your club's supporters. We promote more fans and generate more revenue for the club and sponsors.

Virtual events on your website generate revenue

Virtual sporting events. Create a reason for fans to visit your club's website, promote an interactive experience in a virtual room where they can watch the games together, support the team and buy your club products for family and friends.

Create marketing campaigns in seconds

Creating interactive content campaigns has never been easier! Interactive content software that helps non-tech marketers communicate and capture leads.

Automate surveillance processes and monitor your supporters

Artificial intelligence software integrated into existing video surveillance cameras to automatically detect and report non-compliance of various safety, health, and visitor experience indicators.

A new experience of augmented reality for your fans

Augmented Reality
Augmented reality application that creates a new experience for fans.

Interactive game broadcasting - More engagement and monetization

Increase viewer interaction by creating a unique and exciting viewing experience. Allows you to monetize and increase interaction on live or VOD videos.

Automatically publish soccer content on social networks

Software that allows you to create content quickly and with your brand's corporate image through a set of data about the soccer industry.

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